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Proudly serving our community since 1987

Royel catering has been proudly serving our community since 1987. We are working to help support our community in this time of need and keep food supply chains open and available. We encourage and ask only those who can not be out to use delivery service. 


REMEMBER.... Pick up for Wednesday the order must be placed by NOON on the Monday before.  Pick up on Saturday, the order must be placed by NOON on Thursday.... When you arrive call 618-476-7722 and we will bring your order to you!  WE WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE INSIDE OUR WAREHOUSE, KITCHEN OR OFFICE!!!!!  WE are working to keep our staff and customers safe.


8000 Concordia Road

Pick up and Delivery Hours (if special accommodations need to be made please call office.)


9 am to 2 pm


9 am to 1 pm